¡Hasta el final, vamos Real!

so everybody is playing that game  ! should you people send me female footballers or what ? :D

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Anonymous asked: "Marhaba, where do u get new psd from plz?"

 Marhaba ! :D  i get them from yeahpsprettylittlecolorings

Anonymous asked: "FAV RM BLOGS ?"



concretar , megustaelfutbol , fyeahreal , kenzemas , carloancelotties , omaradly-madridista , illarrasmendi , illarras , iscoalarcons , ricardoronaldos , iscosdisco

I’m sure there are others but I never know who is who anymore we all change our urls too often

i’m one of you’r favorites ?


Anonymous asked: "¯\_(ツ)_/¯"


do you have any tumblr friends? if so, who are they?

Alright it’s an extensive list so bear with me lol: (this is in no specific order)
Bea, ShivAlyssa, Gabby, Quinn, Liz, Bash, Nicole, Anna, Danielle, Daniella, Nada, Kelly, Majdou, Hamuda, Alice, Kayla, KateSavita, Zane, Omar, Jonathan, AudreyBarbara, Anda, Paloma, Sonia and idk a lot of other people.

These are the people I feel closest to so no one get offended, plus I forgot a ton of people too!! 

Anonymous asked: "anybody as a person"

yeah of course there is a ton of people i like here , but i won’t mention anybody so that i don’t forget anyone 

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The King of Wales

The King of Wales

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Anonymous asked: "do u like anybody on this site"

what do you mean by ”like” ? you mean favorite blogs ?

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